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"Il Goli or Shah Goli - Tabriz"

Il Goli , a pleasant hillside garden on park around on artificial lake to the area of 54675 square meters. Il Goli , only 4 km. south of downstream Tabriz , is so lovely place that it deserves on illustration. It is a popular weekend resort for the locals. A hill in the eastern side of the park leads down to the pool with steps, and a fountain from top of the hill flows down to the pool in the center of the pool there is a grand hexagonal building . The pool itself is said to have been build during the region of extended by the Qahraman Mirza , dynasty , it was Aq Qoyonlu kings. However ift was Safavids. During the rule of son of Abbas Mirza of son of Abbas Mirza of Qajar fundamentally repaired.

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